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Slightly Shirtee



Hi! I’m Morgan. I’m a graphic designer, wife, and mum to two small boys, which pretty much makes me a full-time snack b*tch (yep that is one of my tee designs!).


Based in Maiden Gully in VIC, Slightly Shirtee was born 2 years ago as an outlet for me to create fun, bold, and sassy tees that I felt seriously lacked in the current Australian market. Tees that celebrate life in all its glory, the good, bad, and the ugly. 


My tees are bold, typographical designs which are screen printed to ensure the highest quality print and wear. They are 100% cotton, designed and printed in Australia, and made with the highest of ethical production standards.

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Slightly Shirtee by name, slightly shirtee by nature. At its core, my business is all about bringing a smile to your face. Whether it’s a connection to the actual slogan or just the comfort in knowing that we all feel that way sometimes, Slightly Shirtee promises to bring some fun and sass to your wardrobe.

bush-based business

Being bush based is the actual best. The sense of community and connection that living in the bush brings has had such an important impact on my business. It’s given me so much confidence. I just love the lifestyle and I’m so flippin’ happy that I get to connect with so many other amazing bush based businesses on a regular basis.

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