Originating from inquisitive visitors to the farm wanting to know more about the funny, little, green wrinkly balls that were falling from the big trees in the paddocks. The trees had always been there, and because of their inedibility, they’d been left to rot. 

Sparking the interest, over a year we researched, tested and produced this mysterious oil. Fascinated with the results, and supported by international reviews (as America had been producing the oil too) - we could not wait any longer to share our findings with Australia. 

This oil meant we could play a part in helping many Australians like ourselves FINALLY find a skincare solution that is All Australian, sustainable, simple, do-it-all, and waste minimising! (because let's be honest, who has time to use product after product!)


We are the first Australian skin care brand to incorporate Pomifera Oil. Produced on-farm from the seeds of the Hedge Apple, Pomifera Oil holds one of the highest natural concentrations of Linoleic acid (an essentially fatty acid that the human body cannot produce itself), that is essential for locking moisture in and irritants out.


As a descendant from the mulberry family, the Pomifera Oil is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect application for tired, dry skin. 

Also as a family farm operation, POMM enables you to take care of your skin knowing that you are supporting local, ethical and sustainable operations here in Australia. 

Having the ability to grow the fruit, hand pick them and watch the process unfold enriches the experience. Also our customers! Having the ability to talk direct to customers and hearing their amazing experience with what we have created is simply amazing.

bush-based business

We have made connections from all over the country and helped many people with their pain points (eczema, dermatitis, dry skin, cracked skin and scaring) and seeing them enjoy the product in all senses; the feel, the touch, the smell, and that golden glow is what makes us proud and privileged to be bush based.  

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