Our Story


The Bush Boutique

The Bush Boutique is a collective of product businesses with a beautiful brand story.

Founded by Dannielle Maere (owner of bush business, Meeraboo) this Covid-19 concept was created after listening to a range of fellow bush businesses in their ongoing effort to find stockists for their beautiful and unique products.

“This concept doesn’t just establish a platform for them, it also provides a centralised website for stores in search of unique, Australian designed and made products to stock.” 

Covid-19 resulted in the cancellation of trade fairs, limiting their ability to get in front of potential stockists at a pivotal time – pre-Christmas.

“We have had to change the way we find stockists. This led me to begin growing my stockist base online via social media and e-marketing, which can be time consuming and at times, disheartening. I wanted to create a platform for businesses like mine to showcase their products to a captive audience, and so The Bush Boutique was born.”

The brands listed during the Virtual Trade Fair create, hand-make and/or sell beautiful Australian designed and made products. They all have beautiful and unique brand stories which differentiates them from other businesses in their categories (and also gives store owners a real unique selling point).


The Team

Due to the success of The Bush Boutique, Danni had to rope in her sister Jess to help with marketing and social media.

Jess and Danni work side by side, chatting over Voxer almost daily about the business and bouncing ideas off each other.

Meet Danni

Danni manages The Bush Boutique whilst running her
full-time business Meeraboo in regional NSW.

Five Fun Facts About Danni:

  • She was meant to be a lawyer. She went as far as completing her post-grad studies and completing the admissions paperwork. Covid hit in 2020, admission ceremonies were cancelled, Meeraboo took off along-side The Bush Boutique and the rest is history.
  • Danni has two young children, one is as dark as they come, and the other has bright red hair and blue eyes.
  • She can’t stand walking barefoot on a dirty floor, or any floor in general really. She has to wear slippers or socks, even in summer!
  • Danni listens to piano music when she wants to focus, get in a zone and complete a big task.
  • She is an early riser, and can be found in the Meeraboo shed from 5am getting it done.

Meet Jess

Jess is Danni’s sister, and helps with marketing, social media and customer service. Jess also works full-time at a local Council.

Five Fun Facts About Jess:

  • She is a newlywed! Jess recently married her soul mate, and lives with her hubby in their home they are constantly renovating.
  • Jess has a German Shepherd named Cleo who she treats like her very own child.
  • Her and her hubby love Bunnings, and can be found there almost every Sunday buying yet another plant.
  • Jess loves plants. Like really loves them. Her house is like a jungle.
  • Jess loves travelling the world, and has been to 12 countries!!!