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Love Merino



We craft scarves from the finest Merino, every fibre originating from our farm in Wellington, NSW, Australia. Since 1898, spanning five generations, our family has lived and worked on Glenwood


We embrace this heritage, employing modern farming practices adhering to a "holistic" system of sustainable land management and the treatment of our animals. Utilising functions and comfort of the world's best Merino, contemporary design aesthetic focuses on natural beauty and artistic integrity, translating into unique, Limited edition pieces.

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Proudly Australian made, we are involved at every step of the production journey, guaranteeing that they are crafted ethically, minimal environmental impact. 

bush-based business

We are so so lucky we have it all in our backyard, our simple lifestyle, living in the bush, everyone supports each other - the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker! 

Keeping life simple and honest, going for a walk and all you see are the sheep, hear the birds, feel the wind, sunshine or rain,  smell the fresh air and hey that’s all in our office! 

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