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Drawn in by G



(Deep breath) This is me. 


I am a wife & mother. Lover of a freshly mowed lawn, open skies, vino, grey lead, black inks & textured papers.


The drive behind my works is the beautiful landscape I get to be a part of every day. The flora, fauna, colours and textures I cannot get enough of.


The process - Each Fine Art illustration print begins as a drawing. Black ink on white paper. Simple. After scanning, each piece is worked on digitally. Colour comes into play. Details.


I hope my works offer a sense of stillness & comfort, through attention to detail a strong colour palette & a cheeky hint of contemporary edge.


I would like to say a sincere heartfelt thank you for supporting a small Australian business. From Gail.


DRAWN IN by G is your destination for beautiful, elegant & strong Fine Art illustration prints for your home or work space.


DRAWN IN by G is my outlet & zen. It has been a long time coming & I am only just starting out. I look forward to what the future may hold!


Each piece in my print collection has a small tale as to how it came about. Each drawing has real meaning & sentiment behind it.

bush-based business

The colours right outside my front door & our rural community is a wealth of support. This has been a wonderful way for me to meet other remote small business owners if only online. I feel more connected to what I do.

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