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When we travel we like to take a piece of our destinations with us when we go, whether a sweet something purchased, a shell from a beach or just a photo.  When looking back in invokes familiar feelings, that sense of adventure, the joy, the smell, the sounds, reconnecting with the time spent in that place. 


Bush Kin is a celebration of those feelings and a connection to the places you visited, something beautiful and practical that you can take with you wherever you go.  Something to encourage you to remember, to feel.

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Made in Australia from sustainably sourced locally grown hardwoods these designs are a snapshot of the Australian experience, its flora and fauna and its fun spirit.  With something for everyone they are light enough to pack into even the smallest space and take with you wherever you go, or send in a care package to loved ones overseas.

Designed and made in NSW Bush Kin was created by Cat during the bushfire crisis and comes from a love of our country and what makes it unique. The creations are carefully hand drawn and capture the essence of the Australian landscape and it's animals, flora and landscape. Made using sustainably sourced native timbers they are kind to our environment and a step in the direction of a better future. 

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Being able to go from the bush to the beach within minutes, having space for my family to adventure and play, being inspired daily by the natural beauty of our surroundings.  The fresh air, the amazing scenery, the community, the peace. 

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