Bahru Leather Mini Rome Army Crossbody B

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At Bahru, we love bags. We love the feel, smell and divine imperfections of leather. We love bags that work – with all the right zips, clips, compartments and straps.


Our bags are hand-crafted with leather in all sorts of gorgeous shapes, sizes and colours and our luxe leather accessories range from compact cross body bags through to slouchy totes.  There is a style for every occasion - work bag, baby bag or everyday bag.

Bahru Leather Mini Florence Army Crossbo

Designed by mum-of-three Fliss Brophy, who lives on a cattle farm in the southwest of Western Australia our mission is to create things that are beautiful but also practical. The brand was started in 2007 when Fliss and her husband were living in Singapore and Fliss was at home with her first child where she noticed a gap in the market between high end designer bags, and cheap, mass produced options. Fliss had a few bags made and showed them to friends, who loved them so much they became paying customers and Fliss realised she was onto something.


Named for the Malay word meaning ‘new’, Fliss brought Bahru home to Western Australia and she now designs from the 150 year old limestone stables located on her family farm.


Our goal is to create pieces that are beautifully practical, that look and feel amazing but are also functional enough to make life that little bit easier. Our designs and materials are years in the making. Each piece in the range is named after a city or town around the world. Some of these are favourite places which have inspired designs, others are places to dream of! 

bush-based business

I feel so lucky to have a creative pursuit that fits in and around the busy and unpredictable way of life on a farm with young kids. We get to be dirty, have animals and be in nature everyday whilst interacting with customers all over Australia thanks to the (sometimes dodgy) internet and the gorgeous girls at our local Australia Post. 

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Bahru Leather Mini Florence Army Crossbo
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Bahru Leather Mini Rome Army Crossbody B
Bahru Leather Mini Florence French Navy
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Bahru Leather Mini Rome French Navy Cros